• Local participants :

Rs. 100/- per working day per participant will be paid to the ASC for providing hospitality. In case a local participant does not avail the facility of hospitality by the ASC, he/she will be paid Rs. 100/- per working day.

  • Outstation participants:

Teacher participants may be paid A/C III railway fare (all trains) or A/C deluxe bus fare on production of tickets. Outstation participants may be provided free boarding and lodging by the University. To cover the cost of their boarding/ lodging, the Commission will pay the University Rs. 300/- per day for outstation participant for ‘A’ class cities, Rs. 250/- per day for other places. In case only free lodging is provided, DA will be allowed at 75 percent of the ordinary rate of daily allowance. In case the outstation participant does not avail the facility for boarding/lodging, he/she will be paid Rs. 250/- per day.

  • Resource persons:

Outstation resource persons may be paid TA/DA as per the norms given in Annexure- X. Honorarium to outstation/local resource person may be paid @ Rs. 500/- per person per session of 90 minutes with a ceiling of Rs. 1,000/- per day. This will be subject to a maximum of Rs. 3,000/- per course. Outstation resource
persons may be invited only once in a programme. Local resource persons may be paid upto @ Rs. 200/- as actual conveyance charges each way.

Annexure- X

UGC-ASC Norms for TA/DA/Honorarium to Resource Persons TA/DA to Resource persons:

For the journey undertaken and the boarding and lodging, the Resource persons invited for the course will be paid TA and DA as per UGC norms applicable from time to time excluding honorarium.
The existing UGC norms read as under:

  • Daily Allowance:

The resource person invited for the course may be paid daily allowance at the rate of Rs. 300/- per day if the resource person makes his/her own arrangement for his/her stay. If free lodging is provided, daily allowance will be allowed at the rate of 75% of the said DA. If only Boarding is provided free, daily allowance shall be @ 50% of the normal rate. If both boarding and lodging are provided free, then 25% of the normal Daily Allowance will be admissible.

  • Travel to/ from airport/ railway station:

Actual conveyance hire charges incurred by the resource person for travel from/to residence/headquarters to/from the airport/ railway station as the case may be and from airport/railway station to their place of meeting/stay and back from place of meeting/stay in accordance with tariffs notified from time to time by the State Transport Authority will be provided. In case the rates of state Transport Authority are not available, reimbursement will be allowed @ Rs. 8/- per km for Taxi and Rs. 4/- per km for Auto charges.

  • Travel by Air:

The resource persons will be entitled to travel by air, if their basic pay is Rs. 16,400/- and above at their discretion. Those who are drawing the basic pay of Rs. 12,300/- and above but below Rs. 16,400/- may also travel by air on tour at their discretion, if the distance involved is more than 500 km. and the journey
cannot be performed during 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. Resource persons traveling between Chennai/Kolkata & Andaman and Nicobar Islands, between Bhubaneswar and Port Blair and between Kochi/Kozhikode and
Lakshdweep are also entitled to travel by air provided their basic pay is not less than Rs. 8550/- Only economy class fare would be paid by the UGC. Air Travel will be admissible by Air India/ Indian airlines only. Private Airlines can be permitted only for the sectors where Air India/Indian Airlines do not fly.

  • Travel by Rail/Road:

Resource persons may be paid AC-2 Tier railway fare (all trains) or A/C deluxe bus fare. For journey by Shatabdi express, AC Chair Car will be admissible.

  • Travel by Taxi/own car

If the travel is undertaken by resource persons for Inter-city travel from the place of his/her residence / headquarters to the place of meeting by taxi or in own car, road mileage payable will be limited to rail fare by the highest entitled class available on that particular sector if the two stations are connected by rail. Where two stations are not connected by rail, road mileage for such a travel or part thereof will be paid at the rate of Rs. 8/- per km. However, irrespective of the fact that two stations are connected by rail, travel by own car/taxi may be allowed at the rate of Rs. 8/- per km. This concession may be allowed if the journey (one side) is not more than 350 kms.

  • Conveyance hires charge for local members:

Local resource persons may be paid upto @ 200/- as actual conveyance charges each way.

  • Local conveyance charges for outstation resource persons:

Mileage allowance for local journey at the tour stations to outstation resource persons will not be reimbursed as the DA being paid to resource persons contains an element of traveling allowance for local journeys.