Prof Kapil Deo Mishra
Vice Chancellor

In the wider interest of the nation, we need to over emphasize the importance of quality of our teachers. In this perspective, undoubtedly, one of the most useful and effective programmes in the realm of higher education is the establishment of UGC Human Resource Development Centre in various universities across the country by the Commission for updating and improving professional skills and competence of college/university teachers. This also envisages to impart  training at a level compatible with the current international standards, thereby bringing India to the forefront of education available anywhere in the world even in the developed nations.

"It is imperative that institutions implementing such schemes constantly undergo monitoring, evaluation and modification in tune with the current trends, which, the UGC is providing in ample measure. In this context, the UGC HRDC, Jabalpur has been one of the pioneer institutions ever since i ts establishment in 1987 and its excellent progress will be apparent from this performance report 2015.
Certainly, the UGC HRDC at RDVV will not only maintain but improve further upon the present standards of positive contribution to the field of higher education not only in the state and country but shall try to stand internationally. It will also simultaneously help to upgrade teacher’s skills, ensuring that the ethical values are not lost sight of in the process.